About Us

I have been in the beauty industry since I was 23 years of age and I am now 55…You do the math.

I have had several successful beauty salons in that time and still have one, as well as a beauty school and a beauty wholesale business.

Seven years ago I began establishing the now flourishing, Beauty Courses Online, for the single purpose of assisting those who wanted to enter this wonderful industry but who were unable to attend a conventional college because of time, financial or some other constraint.

Beauty Products Online was then established to compliment Beauty Courses Online mainly because my students were increasingly running into trouble purchasing professional beauty products from wholesalers.

It seems that some wholesalers are unwilling to sell professional products to students entering the beauty industry until they gain their qualifications which creates a major problem for those yet to qualify.

As mentioned, years back, I owned a wholesale outlet as part of my beauty school and I was extremely reluctant to re-enter this type of business. However, it became increasingly obvious to me that, some students, particularly those in outlying areas, were being discouraged to continue with their studies because of the lack of supply, or difficulty in purchasing professional quality products. It is difficult enough to learn any skill these days without having to face the added problem of obtaining quality tools with which to learn.

I decided to sell a limited amount of product to Beauty Courses Online students to assist them through the learning process, but unfortunately or fortunately, it has now grown to such an extent that I have to now, either downsize my product list or greatly increase it so it will pay for extra staff to cope with the growth.

I decided that that if I was to re-establish a beauty wholesale  business in earnest, it would have to be large enough to support itself, while offering products at the cheapest possible price for those who are learning as well as for the established practitioner.

So what I have done is, re-establish some of my old supply contacts and painfully searched out new suppliers.  I must say it has been a lot easier the second time around, substantially assisted by the wonderful invention called the internet which has opened up the market to such an extent that smaller players can now compete with the big boys.

Years ago I had to almost beg some suppliers to sell me their product.  A few good ones came to my rescue but it was difficult. I came up against suppliers who wouldn’t directly sell to me because they established exclusive deals with one or two wholesalers. This meant, if I needed a particular product, I would have to pay a premium and I simply couldn’t compete in the market.  This in turn had an inflationary effect and there is no prize for guessing who paid for it in the end….The Beauty Therapist.

Now, things have changed. Suppliers are a lot more accessible, which means greatly increased competition, which means suppliers are a little more keen talk to the likes of me. There is a lot to be said for competition.

You now have two choices….You can purchase through a wholesaler such as myself or you can, with a little effort source the product yourself.  The latter is a little time consuming but if you have a large turnover of clients and can buy in bulk, it may be well worth the effort to source the products yourself.

For those who don’t have the time or the inclination to search out suppliers, there is Beauty Products Online as a viable cheap alternative.

As it stands at present, Beauty Products Online is a small but financially efficient operation and I intend to build it as we go.  My staff is small but I do have the advantage of very little overheads which in turn enables me to keep the prices to a minimum.

Unfortunately, due to postage costs and airline safety restrictions, I am only able to supply within Australia, however I am toying with the idea of overseas partners. My intention is to keep the prices down as far as I can without going broke in the process.

I would like you to give us a try or at least compare our prices with other wholesalers.  If you see a supplier with a cheaper product or a product which we don’t carry but you think we should, I would like to hear from you.

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Free enterprise…Don’t you love it?

Karen Harrington