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Wax Pots / Waxing Heaters

Wax Pots are a salon essential if you provide any hair removal services. They’re also the perfect addition to your home beauty equipment, providing safely heated wax at the ideal temperature. At Beauty Products Online, we have a range of high quality wax heaters for sale, from professional brands like Glammar and Hi Lift. These heaters are made to Australian standards, ensuring your clients receive the best wax every time!

What is a Wax Pot?

A wax pot, or wax heater, breaks down solid wax by melting it so it is ready to apply to the skin. The heater will maintain the perfect temperature, so no matter how stubborn your client’s hair, the wax will remain a liquid all appointment long. Wax heaters can also be used to heat liquid wax cans and containers.

What are Wax Heaters used for?

Any salon or beautician offering wax hair removal services will need to be equipped with a wax heater. It is an essential product for heating wax effectively and maintaining temperature. It can also be used as an at-home hair removal device, but proceed with caution. Beauticians who perform wax removal services are trained, and improper use of hot wax could cause injury.

Who Needs a Wax Pot?

Anyone in the business of providing salon professional hair removal services would require a wax heater. Many salon-ready waxes must be melted in order to form a liquid wax, and would be useless without a heater.

Wax Warmer Variations

Wax heaters all start with the same technology - a base or adapter conducts heat to the container holding wax. But there are a few different types: The classic, Can, Roll-On Heaters, and system or combo heaters. These methods cater to individual preferences for application and warming techniques.

The Classic Heater

Classic heaters have 1 or 2 heating plates, where an aluminium pot can be filled with wax beans or bars. The pot is removable for ease of cleaning. You can also heat a soft wax can on a classic heater, although some manufacturers require an adapter to be used.

The Can Heater

This is only for use with soft wax cans, as the plates are adapted to the correct size and heating mechanisms.

Roll-On Heater Base

This wax heater is less of a pot, and more a dock. You can line roll-on wax cartridges in the heater base to raise the temperature of multiple cartridges at a time. This ensures ease of use and efficiency, as you’re never waiting for another cartridge to heat up.

Roll-On Heater Applicators

These are the same as above, but as a single slot dock. You simply place your Roll-On wax cartridge in the applicator and let it heat the wax to temperature. Job done!

System and Combo Heaters

These are the motherload of Wax Pots. They allow more than one different type of wax to be heated at once - they often include classic and roll-on wax heating functions, and can be adapted to heat soft wax cans.

If you’re in the beauty services industry, or in the market for a wax heater, there are many options to cater to your specific needs! Every waxing technician has different priorities and requirements, so the type of Wax Heater you choose is completely individual.

Beauty Products Online retails in classic and Soft Can Wax Pots that are suitable for all types of wax. See our range above to find some of Australia’s best Wax Heaters, available to buy online and shipped right to your door.