Nail Lamps (UV & LED Lamps)

Nail Lamps are a requirement for most nail and beauty salons, since they are an essential part of providing Gel or Shellac manicures. These lamps emit UV or LED light to cure the polish, making it harden on the nail. We offer professional standard UV / LED Lamps available to buy online, that cater to your salon needs. Browse our range of Australian sourced and curated lamps built to provide nail services of the highest quality.

What is a Nail Lamp?

A Nail Lamp uses UV (Ultraviolet) wavelengths to cure, or ‘harden’ polish. These are used specifically for Gel nail polish, and come in either UV or LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps. Interestingly, both UV and LED lamps emit UV wavelengths, it’s just that LED lamps use a narrower spectrum of targeted wavelengths. Gel Polish is formulated with photoinitiators. When these molecules are exposed to UV light, they form an extremely strong bond. This is why Gel Polish sets so hard under Nail Lamps.

What are Nail Lamps used for?

Nail Lamps are used to provide top quality manicures that last longer than traditional polish. The UV lamps ‘set’ or harden gel polish in a salon treatment, or by a qualified nail technician. They’ve gained a lot of popularity due to the durability and glossy finish that characterise a gel manicure.

Who Needs a UV or LED Nail Lamp?

Nail technicians and beauty therapists would both require nail lamps in order to provide high quality gel manicures. Or, if you hope to create your own gel extensions, these lamps are the perfect way to create a strong and lasting bond.


There are two main types of lamp used in nail services: LED (Light Emitting Diode) and UV (Ultraviolet) lamps. Both emit UV wavelengths, however there are some differences between the method and distribution of these rays and their efficacy.

UV Nail Lamps (Ultraviolet)

UV nail lamps emit a broad spectrum of Ultraviolet light in order to cure the gel polish. This broad spectrum does take a little longer to cure, however works on every type of polish. They are less expensive than usual LED lamps, and you get greater use from the product.

LED Lamps (Light Emitting Diode)

These nail lamps emit narrow, targeted wavelengths to cure the polish as quickly as possible. It only takes around 30sec, whereas the UV lamps take around 2 minutes. This low frequency of UV light works incredibly well for some polishes, however it is limited. LED lamps do not work for every gel polish, unlike UV lamps. Depending on your salon requirements and scheduling, you may prefer the UV or LED lamp from Beauty Products Online. We retail in both varieties, and provide high quality, Australian curated options for your nail services. Browse our range above to find top of the line Nail Lamps for sale, at warehouse prices. Available now to buy online and ship directly to your door.